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Red Fightback is anti-imperialist. Imperialism structures all other oppressions.

Red Fightback is anti-imperialist. Imperialism is the greatest enemy of the world today. Imperialism is the dominance of Capital in a divided world. It is the exploitation of the majority of the world  to fuel the growth of Capital. Imperialism can only grow, and there is no natural limit or stopping point. It will consume the earth and everything on it until nothing remains. So long as there is imperialism, the gap between the imperialist nations and the majority world will continue to grow. Imperialism develops itself by forcing the underdevelopment of the rest of the world. It destroys or subsumes national productive, political, cultural and social processes into servile systems of value extraction.

Imperialism structures all other oppressions. Defeating imperialism doesn't mean the end of every other oppressive force, but we will never defeat other forces for long without confronting imperialism. Equally, attempts to isolate imperialism and 'defeat' it without touching other oppressive systems is like fighting against a spider from inside its own web. This is what it means to call Imperialism the 'primary contradiction' in the world. It both structures and relies on every other tension in today's society.