May 25, 2021 | 2 minutes read | Tags: Anti-imperialism & world revolution

Happy African Liberation Day! A Message to our Comrades at RSL Kenya

Happy African Liberation Day! A Message to our Comrades at RSL Kenya

The following is a transcript of a message sent by Red Fightback to our comrades at the Revolutionary Socialist League in Kenya in advance of African Liberation Day, which is celebrated on May 25 across the African continent and among African people globally. The day marks the anniversary of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity in 1963, and serves as a commemoration of the heroic anti-colonial and anti-imperialist struggles African people have waged to overthrow colonial rule, exploitation and oppression. Our message will be shared at the Africa Liberation Day 2021 event in Kenya that RSL Kenya and other Pan-African organisations will be attending.

Happy African Liberation Day!

There have been many fearsome liberation movements waged across the African continent; I want to recognise and honour the efforts of the revolutionaries in RSL Kenya, fighting against global imperialism and neo-colonialism. You are making history – just as FRELIMO, the PAIGC, and MPLA  did, to name just a few revolutionary parties.

Africans have been fighting European invasion since the first of us was kidnapped and transported on slave ships to endure a life of fear and violence. This violence has influenced Black geography, and inherently shaped what radicalism and liberation mean for us. Africans have organised communities across the world to resist the forces of slavery and colonialism; the first maroon societies were established in defiance of European plantation owners. Our numerous cultures, nations and ethnic groups have resisted the colonial narrative that Africa is a place of no history and no culture. The fight has been centuries long, and yet we see new waves of radical Africans who march forward. The Ogoni 9 opposed the exploitative and destructive operations of Shell, and were sadly murdered for it; many Nigerians who have protested against SARS have lost their lives. Fighting for African liberation has cost an obscene amount of lives; not nearly enough has been done in nations such as Europe to mitigate against this.

Red Fightback is an anti-imperialist and anti-racist party, and we believe that solidarity is an ongoing action that our members must undertake if we are to dismantle Britain, a coagulation of racism and imperialism. We are training our cadre to be effective community and workplace organisers, so that we can raise the consciousness of the masses, defend marginalised communities from ever-increasing state violence and build self-sufficient communities that resist immigration raids, evictions, police arrests and raids. We want to build, so that we can offer increasing material support to parties such as yours, and other parties we hope to connect with across the continent. We believe in international socialism – we want to foment revolution worldwide. We believe in reparations; Following Fanon, we believe that reparations are a debt owed by colonising nations to colonised nations. Reparations put into practice the socialist principle “to each according to their work”, recognising that the wealth of imperialist countries is the product of the exploited peoples of the world.

We will work tirelessly in pursuit of aiding African Liberation. Solidarity comrades!