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History Has Absolved Him: The 26th of July Movement and the Cuban Revolution

History Has Absolved Him: The 26th of July Movement and the Cuban Revolution

Today, July 26, is the anniversary of one of the most important events in the history of revolutionary Cuba. On this day in 1953, Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, and 133 other guerrillas led an assault on the Moncada Barracks, an attack meant to rally the people around the revolutionary struggle.

Although the attack ultimately failed, the events played a significant role in the run-up to the Cuban Revolution. During the subsequent trial, Fidel Castro delivered his speech, “History Will Absolve Me”, where he criticised the illegitimacy of the comprador Batista dictatorship and called for land reform and the right of workers to share in corporate profits, amongst other demands.

The group, eventually named the 26 July Movement, continued to organise against the dictatorship, leading, 6 years later, to a victorious revolution and the liberation of Cuba from the hands of imperialism.

Today, Cuba shines as a bastion of socialism, despite a brutal, 60-year-long blockade by the US that has led to economic losses of $134 billion for the Cuban nation. Blockades, like sanctions, are ultimately instruments of war against the people, as they always hit the poorer sections of the working class harder than anyone else. The sanctions imposed upon Venezuela saw intensified food and medicine shortages across the country.

Despite this, Cuba has made extraordinary achievements in terms of literacy, gender equality, education, and healthcare. It continues to make enormous advances in the field of medicine, and is currently the most environmentally sustainable country in the world. The story of revolutionary Cuba is proof of the promise socialism holds for a life free of all oppression, where human life and dignity are held as inalienable rights, and where society works for the benefit of all.

Red Fightback sends its congratulations to Cuba on this day and stands in solidarity with the Cuban revolution and Cuban people. Hasta la victoria siempre!