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Film: History is Marching (2018)

We have a very simple choice to make. Socialism or extinction?

Film: History is Marching (2018)

NOTE: This film contains flashing images and graphic imagery.

History is Marching is a feature length documentary, made by our friends at Prolekult, analysing the rise in tensions between major powers across the globe over the course of 2018.

The return of great power competition is now the primary driver of geopolitics and one of the main threats facing humanity at the beginning of the coming decade. The old world is dead, as the certainties that imperialism comfortably rested on are now gone or about to vanish. What may be the swan song of imperialism will be, first and foremost, a war cry. Coupled with the imminent threat of the climate crisis, equally caused by the inordinate imperialist despoliation of nature, we have a very simple choice to make. Socialism or extinction?

As presented in the film’s introduction:

Since Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2016, all that was certain in world politics has evaporated into air. The political relationships between major western nations are becoming antagonistic, with disagreements over trade between the US, Canada and the European Union resulting in increasingly aggressive political confrontations. The belligerence of US foreign policy under Trump threatens to shatter the long-standing alliance between these nations.

. . .

To put things bluntly: we stand upon the precipice of a global confrontation. In economic and political terms, the world cannot be maintained in the way that it has been. In this film, we will look at the causes of this confrontation and the political strategies of those western powers that stand at its heart. This is not an idle task. Rather, it is intended to pose a question. As the world heads closer and closer toward the kind of inordinate bloodletting that characterised the first and second world war, we must ask how it may be prevented.

A further analysis of these topics will be developed in due time by Red Fightback. Until then, the film should go a long way towards explaining what has really been going on since the famed “Brexit/Trump” moment of 2016, and how we, as socialists, should respond to imperialism’s final crisis.

Script, with references:

The film is followed by the shorter “An Atlantic Tide”, building on the positions expressed in History is Marching and analysis further developments in the first half of 2019.

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