March 30, 2019 | 1 minute read | Tags: Anti-imperialism & world revolution, News & Analysis

Land Day and the Palestinian Struggle

Land Day and the Palestinian Struggle

Today, Palestinians around the world commemorated Land Day, a day of remembrance for the protesters killed during the 1976 demonstrations against israeli theft of Palestinian land. In a memorable example of national unity, a general strike was organised throughout Palestine; in response, the israeli military killed six protesters, injured one hundred, and arrested hundreds more.

Today is also the one year anniversary of the beginning of the Great March of Return protests. In only the past year, the israeli military has killed over 200 protesters and injured 10,000 others who have been demanding the right to return to the land from which they had been forcibly removed.

The onslaught against Palestinian lives has only intensified in recent years. With the full support and assistance of US imperialism, Israel has passed its racist nation state law, continued its attack on Gaza, and expanded its illegal demolitions and settlements on Palestinian land, turning thousands into refugees who are then unable to return, alongside countless other human rights abuses.

As anti-imperialists, we Red Fightback stand firmly in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for justice, and with the Palestinian people as they demand their right to exist and to return to their homeland.