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Liberation isn't on the Ballot: Red Fightback and Local Elections 2022

Red Fightback doesn't run in the elections. Parliamentary politics will never allow us liberation—only revolution can.

Liberation isn't on the Ballot: Red Fightback and Local Elections 2022

Local elections are round the corner in May, and candidates are promising you everything. In reality we know that there is no meaningful choice. Labour, Tory, Lib dems, Plaid Cymru, SNP: all of them will gentrify our communities, increase the cost of living and ignore police violence.

They ask us who we pick to exploit and oppress us. We say that's no choice at all.

Red Fightback is a different sort of party. We're communists - we fight all profiteering capitalists no matter what rosette they wear. If we want real, lasting, revolutionary change in our society, our communities have to start organising.

Elections don’t change anything - true. But what else can we do?

It serves the ruling class to tell us that we have no other means available to us except voting. They try to hide, ridicule, destroy and bury any efforts to actually threaten them. Movements across the world and throughout history demonstrate what working and oppressed people can achieve when we unify and organise; from 250 million on strike in India, to survival programmes by the Black Panther Party, to revolutions that have seized and transformed nations, we have far more strength then they want us to realise.

In Red Fightback, our present focus is on organising communities, complex webs of labour and living. We organise people to demand and create vital services and resources to survive, and to resist capital, the state, gentrifiers or whoever else comes to attack us.

We’re inviting you to come to one of our public meetings and get involved in our work. Come hear about why elections are not the answer, what kind of work we’re doing and planning to do, and how you can get involved.

Check out our events:

North London (Haringey)
West London (Kensington)
Neath, Wales

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Banner image alt text: An illustration of a ballot paper with the candidates being "gentrify our communities", "support police violence", "increase our living costs". The ballot is torn at the bottom to reveal "liberation isn't on the ballot."