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Red Fightback: Beyond Electoral Politics

Red Fightback has been holding community meetings to discuss electoral politics, to reach out to the many people who feel the same, and to organise our communities towards real change.

Red Fightback: Beyond Electoral Politics

Bourgeois Elections Serve the Bourgeois Class

Last Thursday, the fifth of May, saw the latest round of council elections for many people in Britain. In the eyes of the media these were to be a political spectacle: either serving as redemption for Boris Johnson's premiership, or as a founding stone for Keir Starmer's reconfigured Labour. Unsurprisingly neither of these results has come to pass, and the dominant impression is of an election with low turnout and little enthusiasm, with neither party dominating electorally. Many people in Britain have clearly recognised that none of the bourgeois parties represent them and that electoral politics is a distraction rather than a path to real change.

In Red Fightback, we believe that the state is fundamentally resistant to change by voting. Everyone you can vote for has the same class interests—capitalist interests, and therefore imperialist interests. All parties in Britain seek to maintain their power once they get elected, and seek to undermine the rights of certain people in society. To maintain their position atop a racist state, they have no other option.

For example, look at how much more difficult it has become for people to migrate to Britain, since the hostile environment policies were implemented by the Home Office. Migrants have been detained in horrific conditions, and treated as less than human, often whilst Britain has had a direct hand in the destabilisation of their countries. Consider the many LGBT refugees from Nigeria, a former colony of Britain. Britain introduced the first anti-sodomy laws in Nigeria, and other former colonies, which have a horrifying legacy today. This hostile environment was first planned by Labour, was set up by the Tories, and is put into action by councils controlled by all parties. In this way, the capitalist state is not just the Tory government, but the interlocking relationship between different arms of the same state, and the same class.

As we get further into the "cost of living" poverty crisis, no parties have put forward sufficient measures to help people out of poverty, such as increasing the minimum wage and significantly subsidising energy costs. The class interests of these parties are clear, and they rule out such radical actions.

Red Fightback: A Different Way Forward

Last Friday and over the weekend, Red Fightback branches across Britain held community meetings to discuss our view on electoral politics, to reach out to the many people who feel the same, and to organise our communities towards real change. We have no interest in running stunt candidates for elections, when that will at best tie up our members in a system that cannot bring about our goals. Instead we seek to build towards these goals with the broad and increasing mass of the people who have realised that bourgeois politics and its elections offer them no hope.

The meetings were of course just a step. But they were an important step within a path of protracted struggle of continual outreach, learning, building and empowering. Red Fightback intends to continue taking every step we can, every day, because we are aiming for real power and not just a seat within an unrepresentative council.

As a result of this work, our branches are now able to look for the next steps in organising their communities. As constituents hear nothing from their councillors and candidates until the next election, we will continue hosting public meetings across the country, organising campaigns against local state power and capital, and building programmes to survive the violence of life in Britain.

We are building the revolutionary movement; there is no election that can compete with the growing, organised power of working and oppressed people.