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ROC Statement about Chris Kaba’s Death

Statement by C, on Behalf of the Racially Oppressed Caucus of Red Fightback

ROC Statement about Chris Kaba’s Death

On Monday 5th September, Chris Kaba was murdered by metropolitan police in Streatham Hill. Prior to his death, the police pursued Chris, rammed into his car and then boxed him in with their vehicles to prevent him from escaping. He was then fatally shot.

The Metropolitan police have justified their actions by stating they recognised the vehicle driven by Chris as one linked to a firearms incident in the previous days. They are already beginning to paint Chris as a suspected criminal, which is one of many manifestations of anti-Blackness. From the facts, it’s clear these armed police officers were in the best position to arrest him and take him to a police station for questioning. To be clear, that scenario would still have resulted in Chris experiencing anti-Black violence, but he would be alive.

Instead, we live in a world where the police executed him. We live in a world where police across the world make almost automatic decisions to kill Black people. The police were so quick to murder this young Black man because they had already assumed him to be a criminal, and thus devalued his life.

His death is now being investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct, who have already issued a statement that the investigation into the police officer that murdered him ‘does not necessarily mean they will end up facing criminal charges or a misconduct hearing’. A British police officer can murder a Black man, and it is then made explicit that they will not ‘necessarily’ end up facing criminal charges. Time and time again the police are revealed to be institutionally racist. The officer that shot and killed Mark Duggan years ago was never charged, and had his murder sanitised as a ‘lawful killing’.

We are told from quite early on in life that the police exist to protect and serve us. This is one of many lies that Black people in Britain come to uncover, which sets us up for a lifetime of disturbing revelations. The police protect the British state; the British state upholds white supremacy and killer cops never face ‘justice’ under capitalism.

The glaring injustices of this tragedy are made even more gruesome by the fact that the news coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s death has overshadowed Chris. We are seeing an outpouring of grief by British people across the country for a monarch who presided over the imperialist exploitation of countries colonised by Britain. Many of these countries have been systematically underdeveloped and exist in varying states of acute poverty. Many Black people in this country have parents from colonised countries. And yet, we are being encouraged to mourn such a figure. In comparison, very little outrage has been expressed by the majority of white people in this country about yet another murder of a Black person in Britain.

The Racially Oppressed Caucus are deeply distressed by the devaluation of Black life in Britain, and send condolences and solidarity to the family of Chris Kaba.

We stand in opposition to the deliberate overshadowing of Chris Kaba’s life and death. We are committed to building a revolutionary force that can destroy racial capitalism. Death to the British Empire.