Past & Present Sex Workers' Caucus

We are Red Fightback's Past and Present Sex Worker's Caucus, a collective of sex workers united in fighting not only for the advancement of sex workers’ conditions but in achieving socialist revolution. We recognize that sex workers are workers, workers who are currently denied recognition as such, and are therefore denied protections considered basic workers’ rights in Great Britain. Sex workers within the Party, and many of those outside it, are already organising as workers (be it inside of a trade union or outside of formal recognition). As such, many sex workers are conscious of and capable of articulating and fighting for our interests as workers.

We reject the tendency amongst the British left, and particularly of many British communists, to default to vulgar sex trade abolitionism (most often via advocating for the "Nordic model") that fails to advocate for abolition of poverty. The vulgar abolitionists instead promote a carceral response to paying for sexual services which inevitably doubly harms sex workers, through reducing their incomes and adding additional risks such as increased exposure to policing, which will also only create further opportunity of harm for workers.

If you are a past or present sex worker and want to get involved in Red Fightback, fill out our join us form. To join or speak to the caucus, contact one of the caucus secretaries at Note that messages to the join form are seen by more than just the caucus members, so to protect your confidentiality we suggest not mentioning your sex-working status in the form message unless you are happy with it being more widely known than just to other caucus members, and reaching out to the caucus separately via email.

A red umbrella crossing a sickle, symbolising communist sex workers