April 4, 2019 | 1 minute read | Tags: Party Statements

Statement on Jordan M/Robert Ascall/DedamacsinsBrat

Statement on Jordan M/Robert Ascall/DedamacsinsBrat

CW: Abusive behaviour (emotional), manipulation, gaslighting, harassment

Last month, Red Fightback initiated a process to investigate claims that member Jordan M/Robert Ascall had engaged in racialised and gendered abuse against several individuals.

As a result of the findings of this investigation Red Fightback have voted to permanently terminate Jordan’s membership of our organisation, effective immediately. We have further banned him from all events and meetings organised by Red Fightback.

Red Fightback is committed to building a Party that fights oppressive behaviour on every front; misogyny and abuse is never acceptable, and must be destroyed wherever it is found. Red Fightback was founded in part because other parties and organisations have consistently failed to address such situations with necessary seriousness, accountability and commitment to the most oppressed of our society.

Red Fightback wish to extend our solidarity to all survivors of abuse, and welcome suggestions of how we can better support and uplift them going forward.