July 29, 2021 | 1 minute read | Tags: Party Statements

Statement on Thomas L

Content warning for sexual assault, racism, misogyny, abuse

This month, Red Fightback received reports that Thomas L (also known as Tomi, Tomi Ketchum, T, TN, Tien, DJ Off Licence) has perpetuated racialised and gendered abuse, including sexual assault. Thomas' voluntary participation in the activist organisations he has chosen is an outrageous overcompensation for the harm he has done. He has used his actions as a form of immunity against accountability which facilitates his abusive behaviour.

As a result of this, Red Fightback has voted to terminate Thomas' membership effective immediately. We will not work with Thomas in any capacity moving forward.

Red Fightback has a zero-tolerance policy towards oppressive conduct on the part of any of its members and will always proceed accordingly when said conduct comes to light. Any unacceptable conduct brought to our attention will always be acted upon.

Red Fightback extends its thanks and solidarity to survivors and those who brought this case to our attention; through your courage, party members, applicants, and those we work with have been made safer.